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Franchises NF Medica

Designed for the health specialist, to have all the necessary tools at hand, of excellent quality and durability,  prescribing perfect orthopedic insoles for any pathology of your patient, customizing them with the most sophisticated equipment.

Clínica de fisioterapia

Master franchise designed to distribute premier franchises in your country, ask for the MASTER option.


(Modelo De Negocio Compartido)

Our Franchises

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Physical Care is a Master franchise established in San Jose, Costa Rica with a presence throughout the country with more than 10 premier franchises with health professionals.

Our medical franchise business model has allowed us to open the border with the United States within private specialist offices to serve the Latino market in Los Angeles, CA.

Logo de: Physical Care
logo de: NF USA


(Modelo De Negocio Compartido)


If you are a health specialist with an office or clinic and you want to offer your patients quality technology and products, you should consider a medical franchise.

The diagnosis of the problem in the patient's footprint is made using the Medic@ software, which is a technological tool that allows a more precise diagnosis and determines which is the appropriate template for each client based on a specific model.

Kit de MNC


  • You offer your patient a diagnosis that is ahead of other doctors.

  • He solves the problem for his adult patient.

  • Pediatric insoles guarantee use in children due to their comfortable design, colors and unique materials.

  • High percentage of satisfaction when using the right template

  • Profitability in the practice: additional income from the sale of insoles

  • Get ongoing support and advice.



NF Medica as one of the best medical franchises in the market, in addition to including the license to use trademarks, transmission of
technical knowledge and provide you with technical support so that you can provide services consistently and with the operating methods,
commercial and administrative established; gives you a complete module and initial inventory of templates to get you started right away.

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