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Encuentra el Bienestar, Explora los Innovadores Productos de Salud de NF Médica para Mejorar tu Bienestar Personal.


Why use NF Medica Insoles?

  • Because it balances and harmonizes the distribution of body loads on your feet.

  • To balance the body and obtain a healthier posture.

  • Because it supports your arches and you can stand or walk for longer without getting tired.

  • To protect you from injury.

  • Because it realigns the natural position of the body.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of ours is its ability to "cushion" the weight of the patient's footprint, keeping the "memory" in its design. This is known as the "bellows system" and allows the integrity of the product to be preserved over a long period of life, maintaining the original longitudinal arch support, that is, your arch. On the other hand, the "honeycomb" system in some models that we manufacture makes them achieve greater stability in the dynamics of the foot's march.

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