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NF Medica has been a business that since its inception has performed successfully in the orthopedic sector in Mexico with more than 50 franchises in medical offices, clinics and hospitals throughout the Mexican Republic. We have 18 years supporting sports medicine specialists, orthopedic doctors, therapists and other health specialists with technology so that they can offer more value in their consultations.


The digital podoscope or plant scanner together with the NF Medica software are tools for assessing patients and being able to recommend a model, size and hardness of insoles.  Our insoles are made with unique, patented materials and can also be customized according to each patient if required. These are templates that patients will not be able to obtain anywhere else, other than through a health specialist who has our franchise.

Our quality has put us in countries like Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, and also in the United States.

Medida de tobillo


“Our mission is to offer the patient

the best option in orthopedic insoles

with quality products and fair value”


“We want to offer the specialist doctor

an innovative business concept in your practice

with state-of-the-art technology”



Juan Delgado, Socio Fundador
Marco Guevara, Socio Fundador
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